Reasons general conference weekend is awesome

So yes I’m copying this idea from another blog post, actually several other blog posts. I don’t mind though because I have some of my own reasons, or at least my own perspective on why LDS general conference is awesome. Here’s a few reasons, in no particular order:

1. Quotes. I need more power quotes that I can glance at daily to feel more inspired and motivated. I’ve mentioned this before, on my desk I have a stack of 3×5 cards, each card contains a quote that is meaningful to me. I flip through them often. Reading these regularly helps keep me grounded and helps bring the Spirit into my life more. The quotes are often played back in my mind when I need them. The talks given by the speakers in conference never fail to produce several powerful quotes that I will treasure for months and years to come. After all, we get to sit and listen to prophets of God give us inspired counsel and direction. Of course there will be something in there, many things in there that I need to hear personally. And there always is. Can’t wait!

2. The Priesthood Session. Ok so for the first time it will be streamed live and we don’t have to go to a chapel to watch the satellite broadcast of this session. That’s cool, but I’ve always liked getting together with my Dad and my brother to watch that session. There’s a feeling of unity that comes to us when we go together. It’s a family tradition, just like it is for my sister and Mom to get together to watch the Relief Society session. I also love the feeling of standing and singing with the congregation at the broadcast. I will miss that. But I can’t wait to see in what ways we’re rebuked and nurtured by the speakers.

Come listen to living prophets

3. Another Elder Holland talk to memorize. I’ve been trying to memorize, word for word, a few of Elder Holland’s talks. Even though I probably only have about 50% of each of those talks committed to memory they continue to inspire me. Plus to be fair, some of them are over 20 minutes long. Who speaks with more candor, more boldness, and more power than Elder Holland?

4. No church meetings. I know other people have given this same point for liking conference. I love church, I need church every week, I look forward to taking the sacrament at church. But not having extra morning meetings, not having to work on preparing a lesson or work on coordinating other church things is nice, at least every 6 months or so. Any more than that and I would miss it.

All sessions of Lds conference are streamed live on Oct 5th and 6th this year, 2013. Don’t sleep in too late tomorrow because the first session starts at 10:00 AM MDT.

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