Gospel Doctrine Lesson Outlines, New Testament


This will be a work in progress as I put together lesson plans for this year’s gospel doctrine class, studying in the New Testament. I’ll post them as I complete them, wanted to have them all in one place rather than in multiple posts. I won’t have all of the lessons covered here but hopefully will get several posted in the coming months. Enjoy and if you have any questions or suggestions about these or anything related please comment!

Download My Lesson Outlines (.doc files)

Lesson 5: “Born Again”

Lesson 8: The Sermon on the Mount: “A More Excellent Way”

Lesson 10: “Take My Yoke upon You, and Learn of Me”

Lesson 12: “I am the Bread of Life”

Lesson 14: “Who Is My Neighbor?”

Lesson 16: “I Was Blind, Now I See”

Lesson 22: “Inherit the Kingdom Prepared For You”

Lesson 24: “This is Life Eternal”

Lesson 26: “To This End Was I Born”

Lesson 28: “We Are Witnesses”

Lesson 30: “God is No Respecter of Persons”

Lesson 32: “Live in the Spirit”

Lesson 34: “Keep the Ordinances As I Delivered Them”

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