Treasures in Heaven

Last night my wife and I were discussing D&C 133:30, and how as part of the gathering of Israel, the tribes from the north “shall bring forth their rich treasures unto the children of Ephraim, my servants.” Are they bringing treasures of worldly wealth, gold and silver, or spiritual treasures? Although I don’t doubt that this scripture in D&C likely has more than one meaning for “treasures”, we both agreed that the more valuable gift they could bring is spiritual treasures, like those mentioned in Luke 12.

Today, probably not coincidentally, I was given an offer for a job that is a great blessing to me and my family. We’ve been praying for this for a long time. I feel that it is a direct blessing from a loving, kind and generous Father in heaven. He knows our needs, knows how to sufficiently provide for them and will do so abundantly if we trust Him and follow His commandments. I know this. Even in the times when we’ve struggled over the last year or so with not being sure about which direction to go, where to establish ourselves, and even concerns about whether we would be able to provide for all our needs, He has been with us the whole time. He never leaves us. He’s been teaching us, healing us, and preparing us.

I feel extreme gratitude right now, God has been good to me. I happened to see this video online and after watching it I am convinced even more how directly I’ve been blessed today and how important it is to keep this blessing in perspective. Of course we need a job and income to provide for our families, and God desires to help us with these things. Of course the Lord wants us to be successful. Of course he can give us what we need. Sometimes we need to struggle and experience difficulties in order to learn the necessary lessons of life so that we’re able to properly receive the blessings he wants to give us, recognize them and appreciate them. But where is our real treasure? What is our heart focused on and our ultimate desire?  I feel immense gratitude toward God for blessing me with income that my family needs, in a generous way. That’s His nature. As we’ve struggled along the way this past year, I feel even more blessed that he has opened the windows of heaven in blessing us with spiritual treasures of growth, knowledge and experience we will take with us into the eternities.