New Testament Lesson 12: “I am the bread of life”

Feeding of the 5000

Q. What are some reasons the Savior performed miracles?

(Mark account has more detail, first written account)

setting of feeding the 5000

– needed physical rest, John the Baptist had just been killed and they probably thought it was a good idea to be in a safer place

– the feeding of the 5000 needed to take place in an open area, where there wasn’t food nearby so he could perform the miracle and provide that witness of his divinity

—>( Mark 6:30-34 )

(desert = solitary/private, was actually a very fertile area, speaks of them sitting on the grass)

– the people follow them, He has compassion on them and teaches them, and tells the disciples to feed them.

—>( John 6:4-10 )

Q. Why does he ask Phillip about buying bread when he already knew what he was going to do? Why didn’t he just tell Phillip what he was going to do?

-wanted Phillip to have faith

– During the Passover, Q. Given that has just fed them bread, is this significant?

  1. sacrificial lamb used during passover represented Christ
  2. feast of unleavened bread during passover used barley (loaves of barley), this is also used to add symbolism to his sermon about being the bread of life

– he is feeding them spiritually, and also physically

– he provides bread, disciples distribute it (pattern of service)

Q. Why do the apostles not seem to believe at first that he is able to provide food for everyone? (They don’t bring that up as a solution)

—>( John 6:11-15 )

Q. What are some reasons that the miracle of feeding the 5,000 was performed?

– as a witness that he is the messiah

– they were hungry, the Lord provides for all our needs while on the Lord’s errand

– this miracle sets the stage for him to teach that he is the bread of life

-Notice in v. 15, The people wanted to force him to be the king of the Jews, in the temporal sense

Q. Why do the people want to force him to be king?

– The people were caught up, with expectations of deliverance from the oppression of Roman rule, and saw him as a figure that would provide that.

—>( read )

The multitude, now fed and filled, gave some consideration to the miracle. In Jesus, by whom so great a work had been wrought, they recognized One having superhuman powers. “This is of a truth the prophet that should come into the world,” said they—the Prophet whose coming had been foretold by Moses and who should be like unto himself. Even as Israel had been miraculously fed during the time of Moses, so now was bread provided in the desert by this new Prophet. In their enthusiasm the people proposed to proclaim Him king, and forcibly compel Him to become their leader. Such was their gross conception of Messianic supremacy. “

Talmage, Jesus the Christ

(They were still thinking solely on the physical favors and advantages instead of spiritual, don’t we do the same upon some turn for the better spiritually?)

Q. Isn’t this evidence of the fact that miracles alone don’t produce faith?

(After the feeding of the 5000 they wanted more, bigger miracles in order to “prove” him as the messiah)

Jesus walks on water

– Write scriptures on the board

—>( Mathew 14:22-24 )

He goes to the mountain to pray, sends the disciples to their ship, the weather gets bad

Q. Why did Jesus go up into a mountain?

—>( Mark 6:45-50 )

– They are toiling at rowing (Greek: struggling at the oars). He sees this and goes to their aid (but waits for them to call to him)

– Do we sometimes feel like we’re spinning our wheels? There’s storms around us, We’re putting forth effort, maybe even a lot of effort but not getting anywhere or at least feeling like we’re not making progress. But have we fully enlisted the Lord’s help?

They weren’t progressing on their journey, he came to their aid immediately

Q. In what way does the Savior do the same for us?

Will walk on after to come help us if necessary

V.48 JST “as if he would have passed by them”. Waiting for them to ask for help. Once they do he calms the storm and helps them on their way.

V 50, they are terrified. Why?

—>( Mathew 14:28-31 )

Peter asks to walk with the savior on water

(Would you want to be in rough waters with anyone else? 

With whom would you feel more courage and confidence being with in that situation than the Lord?)

“Were sore amazed in themselves beyond measure… and Their heart was hardened”

Q. Did the disciples fully understand what had just happened?

Q. Why didn’t they understand at this point, after having seen the miracle of the loaves?

Q. All of his miracles had a purpose (generally to help or heal or confirm someone’s faith), this one seems a little different. Why did the Savior perform this miracle of walking on water?

—>( John 6:21 )

Immediately the ship was at land

(Their problems were solved immediately)

I am the Bread of Life

—>( John 6:24-30 )

– v27, is a key part of this sermon, focus on spiritual, eternal perspective, not physical

—>( John 6:47-53 )

– I am the bread of life (Bethlehem means “house of bread”)

Q. Why did many of them not accept this symbolism?

—>( John 6:64-69 )

He that believeth in me hath everlasting life, sacrament

– will ye also go away?

Q. Didn’t they just ask him to be their king? Why are they now “going away” from him after hearing the sermon on the bread of life?

– couldn’t see past the physical to the spiritual life he provided

– He was separating the wheat from the chaff. Many left him.

I know that Jesus Christ is the light and life of the world. He is the way to eternal life, there is no other way. I know that when we rely on him we’re given new life and he can provide us the things we need on our journey back to him.


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