Watch LDS General Conference Live Online Oct. 6th and 7th

The General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is being held today and tomorrow, there is live streaming video of the sessions available online. You can watch it here:

Watch LDS General Conference live online

Leaders of our church, our beloved prophet President Thomas S. Monson, the Twelve Apostles, and other men and women who lead the church will speak about matters of faith, about the Savior Jesus Christ, about the restored church of Jesus Christ, and about how to find strength in God in spite of issues facing us in the world today.

Oct 6th, Saturday
10am-12pm MDT
2pm-4pm MDT

Oct 7th, Sunday
10am-12pm MDT
2pm-4pm MDT

I encourage everyone to check it out and find out more about our church and I promise you will feel the Spirit of the Lord if you seek to do so, and that you will be uplifted. I have been inspired and uplifted this morning while watching the first session.

If aren’t able to watch it live, it is recorded and can be viewed online here:

Watch video of past session of LDS General Conference

6 thoughts on “Watch LDS General Conference Live Online Oct. 6th and 7th”

  1. Brent,
    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. I am grateful to know you identify with the “searching” in prayer. I do what you do all the time. It seems I don’t always want to be the center of attention in my prayers anymore. So, it takes longer to get myself out of the way. I’ve begun to enjoy the waiting and listening part. It’s very peaceful.

    On the matter of “giving away our sins”, I highly recommend this post I recently read on one of my favorite blogs:
    “Angels” talks about their process of coming to understand the challenge of giving sin away and falling back into it again. Very thoughtful.
    I can tell you there is truth there.
    Again, Brother, thank you.

  2. Very well said, I need to get myself out of the way more with my own prayers. Thank you for the link. I’ve been reading and pondering a lot recently about weaknesses and what Paul means by his “thorn in the flesh”. That helped provide more insight so I appreciate it, there is definitely truth there. It’s also great to find another good blog to follow, and I look forward to reading more of your posts as well.

    1. Right back at’cha!

      The “thorn in the flesh”, to me, is the one thing that gives the constant aggravating reminder to be humble before God. The one thing that always brings you back to Him. It’s the sin we keep committing. Everytime you do, you return.

      Like in my recent post, 1 Nephi 2: 24 – “And if it so be that they (the Nephites) rebel against me, they (the Lamanites) shall be a scourge unto thy seed to stir them up in the ways of remembrance.”

      Nothin’ like a little Lamanite “thorn in the flesh” huh?

    2. Yes I think there’s few things that would have the effect of bringing you to your knees quite like the constant threat of a huge Lamanite army coming after you 🙂

      You mentioned it being a constant reminder to be humble, could it also be not just the repeated committing of a sin, but the mere reminder of past sin or weakness? Considering Paul’s case, I think that the reminder of his having fought against the church, and his involvement in Stephen’s death could have been a weak point in his armor since it had no doubt caused him a great deal of pain to repent of. I wonder if Satan was constantly whispering/nagging in his ears saying something like “Paul remember what you did to Stephen and to the Lord’s church? You’re no good, you’re a fraud, you couldn’t have really been forgiven of that, you can’t be a worthy apostle for Christ when you tried to destroy his church, you didn’t really see the Savior. etc.” Just a repeated bombardment with lies that hit a tender spot in him in an attempt to get him to dwell on old doubts and fears and lose faith, or at least hold him back in some way or get him to “bind his tongue”. Anyway just my thoughts.

      There’s an old talk by Harold B. Lee where he says our weak points are known and mapped by the adversary and that it’s in our moments of doubt or when we’re “bitter in our souls” that we’re open to attack. Pointing to the need to cast out fear and shield ourselves with faith.

      1. Oh, BINGO! That’s it! It’s the REMINDER of the sin that’s the thorn! Brilliant! The doubt, the self-talk, the unsure feeling of worthiness.
        Been there. Still am.
        Yup, that’s more of the thorn than the sin. The loss of faith is crippling. It does open us up to all sorts of degradation. Been there. Trying not to be anymore.

        Well said!

      2. That seems to be the battleground we all face, feeling worthy, letting go of past mistakes. I’m there as well. It can definitely be crippling, I think Paul’s extreme case is a reason why he understood the need for the armor of God so well.

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